UNITED KRAV MAGA WORLD ORGANISATION is now one of the leading Krav Maga organisations in the world with its branches in Europe (Poland, United Kingdom, France, Cyprus, Ukraine), Asia (India, Taiwan) and even North America (Mexico).

UNITED KRAV MAGA WORLD ORGANISATION has been established by an international group of experienced instructors led by Master Tomasz Adamczyk. After 20 years of close cooperation with the best of Krav Maga Israeli experts, Tomasz Adamczyk, ex-member of the exclusive Israeli Global Instructors Team KM, facing the necessity of program changes, decided – together with the cadre – to elaborate new training projects, better answering to threats of the modern world.

Some solutions, well functioning since the 1940s, had to be changed in connection with new kinds of dangers, coming, for instance, from unusual development of mixed martial arts or rapid escalation of violence in the form of group attacks with the use of dangerous offensive weapons, knives, machetes and guns. The reality of the latest decade has also brought a substantial increase in the number of abductions and acts of ruthless terror, both in Europe and across the world.
New programs – matching the new challenges – as well as gradual changing of training methods, selection and improvement of techniques, and setting new tactical principles proved necessary. The elaboration of such a new program – UNITED KRAV MAGA – engaged a team (led by Tomasz Adamczyk) of civilian, military, police and anti-terrorist experts from Israel, Poland, USA, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, France, Russia, Germany, Austria and other countries.

After years of hard work, a new open and modern system UNITED KRAV MAGA was created, based both on the genius of IMI LICHTENFELD’S METHOD and on the contemporary experience of international instructors and experts led by Tomasz Adamczyk.

UNITED KRAV MAGA YORKSHIRE guarantees the best quality and unique training experience as we operate under UNITED KRAV MAGA principles since our establishment in 2016. We are the only UNITED KRAV MAGA representative in Yorkshire, conducting self-defence training in Leeds, Wakefield and Doncaster.