There are three categories of Krav Maga grading system in United Krav Maga World Organisation: Defender, Fighter and Expert Levels. In order to assess participants’ skills and progress Krav Maga members take grading every 6 months depending on their advancement and attendance…

Defender Levels (D1-D5)

The Defender Levels of Krav Maga are the core of the system. You all learn how to defend against the most common attacks, as well as building on your fighting skills and learning how to avoid a situation or what to do after a confrontation.

Fighter Levels (F1-F5)

You are eligible to move into the Fighter program 6 months after completing your D5 grade. More advanced skills are taught at F level, including dealing with more complicated situations. You are expected to have a full understanding of all the Defender grades and continue to keep those skills at a high level whilst you progress through the Fighter program.

Expert Levels (E1-E5)

Expert Grades are held by very experienced instructors who have a complete understanding of Krav Maga, after passing the coveted Expert Test. E Levels are normally also qualified to teach in more specialist areas such as the Military, Law Enforcement or Security Sector. You can take your Expert Level exam 1 year after passing your Fighter Level 5.